Dimitris picked up the guitar at the age of sixteen and only one year later joined the Rockband "Five on earth" as Lead guitarist and later also Lead Vocalist after the original Lead singer left the band.

These first experiences in the world of live music got him ready for the "real thing" and soon he found himself playing with top musicians as Yannis Vassalos, Dimitris Zannis and Nikos Romas on the stages of Athen´s live club scene.

In 1989 Dimitris moved from Athens to Hamburg, Germany where he studied music and joined his first a-capella-band named "Just4".


After twelve months he and bandmate Helge Hellberg left the band to found "Five Live".


This band with the original lineup Helge Hellberg, Regy Clasen, Conny Stahl, Leo Belka and Dimitris Liatsos was later to become one of the most successful European a-capella bands with two albums and seven years of touring across Germany and Europe.

In 1996 Five Live was invited to the U.S. to perform at the New Jersey´s East Coast Acapella Summit as the only European band and received the Contemporary a-capella society´s "Casa a cappella Award".

In 1997 Five Live disbanded after the tragic loss of band member Conny Stahl who died from bloodcancer.

Dimitris, still drawn to the magic of "vocal only music" went on to produce his first Solo Album "Ego I pende" (Me, the five) which was released in the summer of 1999 when Sony Music found interest in the Album´s unique mixture of popular greek traditional and contemporary music as well as original compositions.


After this final a-capella-project he started working as a producer for other artists and bands whilst performing as Lead singer and guitarist of the World-Pop trio "Caldera", Soul-Funk-band "Soul Service" and the Jazz-quintet "Jazz seasons".

Music production and studio work led to his latest passion for film scoring which is dominating his schedule since 2010.

With fellow saxophonist and percussionist Kurt Buschmann he established Pega-sus2 which specialized in composition and production of movie scores .


Kurzfilm "Nada`s Traum"

Für die "Clowns ohne Grenzen"  

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 Die Musik zu dem Psycho-Thriller LULA ist fertig! Ein Hörspiel von Markus Duschek und Ralf Jordan. Produktion Hystereo.  

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Claybourne - German Version

 Die Titelmusik für die Hörspielserie von Thomas Rippert und Frank Kindermann ist im Showreel!

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Final Control

Die ersten vier Folgen sind da!  Download bei

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"Deutschland-Hören" Hörbuch

Die Musik zum"Deutschland-Hören" Hörbuch -Podcast  

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A Vicious Bunch - The Movie

COMING SOON !!! "A VICIOUS BUNCH" ist ein Action-Crime-Sex-Trash-Thriller und Debut-Film von Tobias Freye nach dem Krimi-Roman von Marc Freund mit Musik von Dimitris Liatsos

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Gesangsunterricht Hamburg

Gesangsunterricht Hamburg. Dimitris Liatsos präsentiert seine neue Homepage.

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Jetzt online!

Unsere neue Internetpräsenz ist online.

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